Choosing an Off-Site Storage Facility

Whether you are a packrat or between residences, sometimes you have more possessions than you can keep with you. Many people have found that, under these kinds of circumstances, putting some portion of their belongings in a storage facility is the best way to get the extra space or mobility they need. A modern self-storage facility will offer a wide variety of options; no matter what your storage needs are, you’re likely to find a place to accommodate you. With the security systems and on-site personnel found at most off-site storage facilities, not only will you be able to reduce clutter in your home, but you’ll have the peace of mind that your possessions will be safe and secure, as well.

Off-Site Storage Unit Basics
Picking the right place for off-site storage is important if you want your belongings to be secure. The best modern storage facilities use high technology to protect your possessions from both the elements and theft. In many cases, your belongings will be not only under lock and key, but fenced in with chain link and barbed wire, too. A good storage unit is going to be well-lit and will be under the protection of 24-hour security camera surveillance and alarms. Additionally, you may want to make sure that the storage unit you choose is equipped with an individual sprinkler and fire detection device.

Though many places give you a physical key to unlock your storage unit, computer controlled access is also common. When a client enters a code to enter the main gate, it deactivates the alarm in their individual unit. The alarm is reactivated when the client punches out upon leaving, so tenants cannot gain access to other units. On-site managers are also available for assistance and added security. Some storage facilities may offer insurance, and many offer move-in incentives and discounts on pre-pay or long term contracts.

Storage Facility Options
Some items commonly placed in a storage facility are sensitive enough to require temperature control. Though an air conditioned and heated storage unit is going to be a bit more expensive than one left to the whims of Mother Nature, the added cost might be well worth it for some items.

Off-site wine storage is becoming increasingly popular. For serious wine enthusiasts, it is easy to amass a collection that far exceeds the amount of allotted space in the home. In many cities, there are storage facilities that cater specifically to wine storage. Your bottles will be kept safe and secure, but also away from damaging light. Each wine (whether white, red, or other) will be kept at its optimum storage temperature and at your disposal whenever you need it.

Obviously, prices will vary dramatically depending on the amount of space you need, the amount of security you require, and the environmental control the things you are storing should be under. There are probably several off-site storage facilities in your area that can provide exactly what you need, so it’s a good idea to shop around a bit before you settle on one. The amount of time you plan on storing your possessions will also play a large role in how much it will cost per month. If you know that your things will be in storage for a year or more, letting the facility know this upfront might get you a better monthly rate, especially if you can pay in advance.

Author: Jon Nunan

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