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Do it Yourself Local Moving Containers

MyWay Mobile Storage is the ideal local moving service

Do you remember the last time you moved? The long checklist of things you had to do with the rental truck and the long list of moving services out there. Keep it simple by going with our portable storage system. We can drop any number of containers off to you, which allow for you to pack room-by-room, separating your belongings that you don’t want laying next to each other. You can do all this packing and moving at your own pace, and we can come back to move the containers when you are ready. Depending on your situation we can even put them into storage if you need to store these belongings for any period of time.

Save your time for the things that matter

Using our portable storage system for moving takes advantage of simple loading and unloading at ground level. You can load/unload your belongings just once, which lets you move all at once. Also you can take advantage of loading your heavy furniture into ground level containers. You won’t have to lift anything over your head into an actual moving truck, which can be back breaking work.

Home Staging – Portable storage can help with multiple needs

Perhaps you may be in the process of listing your home for sale before your big move. If you do need to declutter your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers then our service can help with more than one of your needs at the same time. We can bring a storage container to your home for your home staging needs and then bring more when the big moving day comes. With our service you can segment your belongings into multiple containers and split things up, and then have them all moved to your new home when it’s time.