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Moving Containers Compared to Truck Rental

Why choose MyWay Mobile Storage over truck rental

  • Convenience

    • No trips to pick up or drop off a truck and arranging a friend to meet you there so you have a ride home.
  • Lower cost

    • Based on research in competing markets
  • Don’t pay for any gas

    • You don’t need to put any gas in our trucks for us, and we don’t think you should have to
  • Pack at your own pace

    • Pack the containers at your own pace. No need to rush and panic about doing everything in 1 day.
  • Ground level loading and unloading

    • You don’t need to lift anything over your head or into a truck, and you also don’t need to try and push and balance your precious belongings up any ramps.
  • Pack containers by room-by-room

    • Pack each room into a container for easier loading, storage and retrieval.
  • Maximum protection for your items while in transit

    • Our portable storage containers are a perfect size to pack securely for minimal to no movement during transit

Using our portable storage solution can be the cheapest, most convenient, and flexible way to help you with your moving and storage needs.