moving containers

Moving Containers for Your Moving & Storage Needs

Our SafeBox® moving containers are 8′ X 5′ X 7′ dimensionally, have a weight limit of 2,500 pounds, and are made from solid wood with PVC covers that allow moisture to escape better than metal. They are as sturdy, if not more, than many of our competitors’ boxes which are made from metal and plastic. Each SafeBox® container has a latch and handle system that allows you to secure with your own padlock. This is important because you will be the only one with a key to ensure the security of your moving container. As such, you can keep your SafeBox® moving container(s) locked when while it’s out of your possession. In addition, we offer our customers free indoor storage in our secure climate-controlled facility to further protect your belongings.

Our SafeBox containers are the perfect size. They fit more places. In fact, 2 SafeBox® moving containers fit in a parking space. Our SafeBox® portable storage containers make it easier to pack securely to minimize movement during transit. Each SafeBox® moving container is designed to hold approximately one to one and a half rooms of furniture and belongings, making it easy to organize your move! No more digging through a mountain of boxes trying to remember where the kitchen silverware is. You are able to pack and unload room-by-room at your own pace, stress free. By having separate containers for each room, your moving process transforms from overwhelming… to an easy, hassle-free experience.

Our moving and storage consultants are experts at helping you determine how to use SafeBox® moving containers for your unique situation to best meet your needs. This way, you only pay for the storage space you need.