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MyWay SafeBoxes Help Decluttered Homes & Sell Them Faster

MyWay’s SafeBox® portable moving containers offer a hassle-free local moving and storage solutions for your clients. Our SafeBoxes® our brought to your destination, filled at your clients own pace and on their schedules. Then when they are ready, we pickup the container(s) and delivery them to your clients new home or storing them in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility for as long as your client needs.

  • Staged homes sell 30% faster and for 11% higher price
  • MyWay provides hassle-free decluttering solution
  • Fill at your client’s own pace
  • Deliver/ Pick Up on their schedule
  • Store in our state-of-the-art storage facility for as long as your client needs

Moving & Storage Containers – The Preferred Way to Move

To take care of your clients local moving needs let MyWay Mobile Storage make the process go smoothly. With the cheapest system for do it your self moving why bother with truck rental or other moving companies when you can move at your pace with a portable storage container? We can keep your belongings organized by packing each MyWay Mobile Storage container room by room. At MyWay Mobile Storage our goal is to make your moving and storage easy and affordable.

Our MyWay Mobile Storage Safeboxes™ are the perfect solution for your clients that maybe in-between homes, building, or still searching for their dream home.  Why choose MyWay Mobile Storage over the competition:

  • Monthly Temporary Indoor Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Allows Your Clients to Pack Each Safebox™ by Room 
  • Your Clients Will Have Pre-Arranged Access as Needed

DIY Moving Will Save Client’s 40-60% Over Traditional Movers

  • Do It Yourself & Save Money!
  • Pack & Move at Your Own Pace
  • 40% – 60% Savings over Traditional Movers
  • Hourly labor referrals for heavy lifting
  • Low Monthly Rental
  • Only Pay for What You Use

Additional Benefits of Using MyWay Mobile Storage

  • Secure Your Own Possessions
  • Ground-Level Loading/Unloading
  • Quick and Easy Moving and Storage Service
  • Climate-Controlled, Secure Storage Facilities
  • Better Than Truck Rental

How MyWay Mobile Storage Compares

how myway mobile storage compares to the competition

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