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6005 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Hazelwood, MO 63042
(314) 291-0924

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*Within Missouri

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St. Louis Local Moving & Storage Solutions

We offer the best local moving and storage solutions in St. Louis. Why move or store any other way when you can get the convenience of a portable mobile storage container brought right to your doorstep, and pack the container on your schedule? Let us know when you’re ready and we’ll pick the container up and bring it to your new residence, or take it back to our climate controlled storage facility.

Our SafeBox® containers allow you to organize your move; pack and unpack room-by-room. Our SafeBox® moving containers are 8′ X 5′ X 7′ dimensionally, have a weight limit of 2,500 pounds, and are made from solid wood with PVC covers that allow moisture to escape better than metal. They are as sturdy, if not more, than many of our competitors’ boxes which are made from metal and plastic. Each SafeBox® container has a latch and handle system that allows you to secure with your own padlock. This is important because you will be the only one with a key to ensure the security of your moving container. As such, you can keep your SafeBox® moving container(s) locked when while it’s out of your possession. In addition, we offer our customers free indoor storage in our secure climate-controlled facility to further protect your belongings.

Using our portable storage system for moving takes advantage of simple loading and unloading at ground level. You can load/unload your belongings just once, which lets you move all at once. Also you can take advantage of loading your heavy furniture into ground level containers. You won’t have to lift anything over your head into an actual moving truck, which can be back breaking work.

Benefits of using MyWay Mobile Storage of St. Louis for Your Next Local Move:

  • Do It YourSelf & Save Money!
  • Low Monthly Rental
  • Pack & Move at Your Own Pace
  • Only Pay for What You Use
  • Secure Your Own Possessions
  • Ground-Level Loading/Unloading
  • Quick and Easy Moving and Storage Service
  • Climate-Controlled, Secure Storage Facilities
  • Better Than Truck Rental

Get started today with a free, no-obligation quote, and see how we can customize our moving and storage packages to fit your needs.

Serving the St. Louis Community

MyWay Mobile Storage of St. Louis is proud to serve the people of St. Louis and surrounding communities. We believe in helping our community through small philanthropic acts of kindness everyday. St. Louis is not just a place of business to MyWay Mobile Storage, It is our home too.

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