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Moving Containers – Do it Yourself Moving Containers

The preferred way to move – Moving on your schedule

To take care of your local moving needs let MyWay Mobile Storage make the process go smoothly. With the cheapest system for do it your self moving why bother with truck rental or other moving companies when you can move at your pace with a portable storage container? We can keep your belongings organized by packing each MyWay Mobile Storage container room by room. At MyWay Mobile Storage our goal is to make your moving and storage easy and affordable.

Moving services done the simple way

In this day and age there are better ways to accomplish moving, instead of going with traditional moving companies or truck rental. With MyWay Mobile Storage, you’ll get a customized moving quote with no obligations. At MyWay Mobile Storage, we let you pack our moving boxes on your schedule. Let us take the hassle out of moving and storage making your self moving experience, a whole lot simpler. If you need moving labor you can check out our partner.

Moving company that lets you do it yourself and save money

Packing your belongings yourself is the most inexpensive way to move and store your belongings. Our mobile storage containers allow you the freedom to pack your belongings at your own pace so you can take care of your moving solution on your schedule. Take all the time you need to load and unload the mobile moving boxes. We won’t charge you an arm and a leg for our moving services.

Additional Moving Benefits

  • Quick and easy do it your self moving services
  • Discount moving and storage packages to meet your needs
  • No registration or setup fees
  • Climate-controlled, secure storage facilities
  • No need for truck rental and extra cost of gas