Challenges with Urban Moving

With the rise of apartment buildings in the urban areas of any major city comes the age old problem of moving folks in and out of their condos or apartments. Some of us still remember the old cartoons or The Three Stooges movies where there is a baby grand piano being hoisted in the air by two burly men on the ground. For some reason, this scene was always the right recipe for a disaster (not to mention a good laugh)!

But since the development of urban cities the problem of moving has gotten even more difficult. Think about the challenges the average person faces when trying to move their belongings in and out of a high rise apartment complex.

Unlike moving in suburban areas, the urban dweller will be faced with time constraints on several fronts:

  1. Loading dock – Most high-rise apartment complexes have a set procedure for scheduling move in and out times for their tenants. The building manager and security personnel have to not only juggle vendor deliveries, but also try to accommodate multiple requests for moving from apartment or condo renters. A set “window” of time (from 2 to 4 hours typically) places added pressure on everyone.
  2. Street parking – Try parking your rental truck on the street for 4 or 5 hours without reserving the spaces in advance with the city! Is it just me or do parking meter attendants have a “6th sense” when you park illegally or fail to feed the meter?
  3. Reserving an Elevator – Urban dwellers face the challenge of getting their belongings in and out of an elevator. This not only adds time to the process, but doubles the “touches” of every item the own, doubling the time to the move.

In summary, moving in urban areas can be a major challenge, costing the average person more time and cost than they expected. The mobile storage solution by MyWay Mobile Storage is gaining popularity with urban renters and has the overwhelming endorsement of building management and security departments for the following reasons:

  1. Flexible delivery options – MyWay Mobile Storage can offer customized storage space alternatives. Unlike a large moving truck or the larger moving portable storage, MyWay can deliver anywhere from 1 to 4 containers per delivery. The Myway containers can be placed in areas near the loading dock which allows for other deliveries and does not restrict other vehicle traffic.
  2. Temporary Storage Solution – Renters or condo owners often need temporary storage for their belongings in the event that their “move out” date does not align with their “move in” date for their new place. Traditional moving options would require to move their belongings out of their apartment or condo, into a truck, then into a temporary storage facility. The process is then repeated when they move in to their new location. With MyWay Mobile Storage, the tenants move their items out and into the storage containers. MyWay can then store their items securely in their security hub and then redeliver their items to their new apartment or condo. The number of times they have to “touch” their belongings is cut in half!
  3. Professional Moving Assistance – MyWay Mobile Storage has also partnered with professional movers to assist renters and condo owners with moving their belongings. A typical package provides two movers for two hours for under $200! With this solution, a typical two bedroom apartment can be easily moved in two hours. No need to rent a truck or “bribe” your friends and family to help you move.

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