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Compare MyWay to PODS®, PACK-RAT®, Self Storage and Truck Rental


Features & Benefits
MyWay® PODS® PACK-RAT® Self Storage Truck Rental
Dropped off to your location YES YES YES
Ground level loading & unloading YES YES YES
Take to new location or to secure warehouse YES YES YES
Brought back when you need it YES YES YES
Deliver up to 4 boxes for ONE reasonable trip charge YES
Use forklift to place boxes where you want YES
Single room, 8x5x7 boxes available in All markets YES
Lowest price guarantee YES

Why choose MyWay Mobile Storage over Large Containers?

  • Lower cost
    • Based on research in competing markets
  • Rent what you need, not empty space
    • Send back any unused SafeBox® portable storage container for a refund
  • Our SafeBox® portable storage containers fit in more places
    • Ideal for apartment, condo, and urban homes. Two of our containers fit into a parking space.
  • Our SafeBox® containers are secure.
    • They are solid wood with PVC covers that control moisture better than metal.
  • Delivery system offers more flexibility
    • SafeBox® containers can be placed where you want, unlike other delivery systems.
  • Pack SafeBox® containers room-by-room
    • Pack each room into a SafeBox® container for easier loading, storage and retrieval.
  • Maximum protection for your items while in transit
    • Our SafeBox® portable storage containers are a perfect size to pack securely for minimal to no movement during transit


PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc., and is used here for comparative purposes only.
Pack-Rat® is a registered trademark of Pack-Rat, LLC, and is used here for comparative purposes only.