Battery Recycling Drive

MyWay Mobile Storage is Partnering With Battery Giant On Their Anniversary Battery Recycling Drive

MyWay Mobile Storage is pleased to support Battery Giant Pittsburgh’s battery recycling drive in celebration of their one-year anniversary. Last year for their grand opening, Battery Giant had a battery recycling drive and recycled over 1,000 pounds of batteries for the community. MyWay Mobile Storage will be providing a storage unit to hold all those batteries. This year, they are making it more fun by having a competition for local schools. Each school that participates will have a barrel in Battery Giant’s Cranberry store. The school that drops off the most batteries (by weight) will win $500 for their school.

Ed Sickmund, MyWay Mobile Storage franchise owner, said, “This is a great fundraising opportunity for schools. All schools have to do is call Battery Giant and say you want to participate.” Schools can assign the collection of batteries to a student group, class, PTO group, or individual families. Then drop off the batteries at Battery Giant’s store, located at 10 St. Francis Way, Suite 900 Cranberry Township, PA 16066, any time in the week preceding the big anniversary event on April 19th.

Battery Giant has collected and properly recycled over 1,000,000 tons of lead acid batteries making them one of the largest battery recycling collection agencies in North America. All of their battery recycling centers process and recycle batteries by delivering them to a permitted U.S. Environmental Protection Agency battery recycling facility. Their battery recycling program restores virtually 100% of the spent battery and is an environmental model for the lead smelting industry.

Jim Logan, President of Battery Giant of Pittsburgh says, “We recycle all batteries every day. Any type, any chemistry – lead acid, lithium, nickel, alkaline, whatever. Each chemical is appropriately recycled by our recycling partner Battery Solutions. Cranberry Township is a great community, and we are glad we located our first Pennsylvania store here. We are happy to be supporting the community with our anniversary recycling competition.”

Battery Giant will also be celebrating with refreshments and in-store specials. Sickmund commented, “Everyone should plan to celebrate with Battery Giant, help the environment, help your community, and support your schools all at the same time. What a great way to spend part of your Saturday.”

For more information about the event visit or call Battery Giant at 724-741-6200.

About MyWay Mobile Storage:

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