MyWay Mobile Storage of Baltimore Assists Silver Oaks Cooperative School in Donation Collection Efforts

Beltsville, Md. (Feb 14. 2022) – MyWay Mobile Storage is assisting the Silver Oaks Cooperative school in their efforts to fundraise in early 2022.  MyWay Mobile Storage has donated 2 of our Portable Storage Safebox units for safe storage of donated belongings.  Liana Black-Knight of the Silver Oaks Cooperative School is coordinating the efforts.  The school is collecting clothing and small household items and they will be accepting donations until the end of February.   The funds earned from the donations will go directly to supporting the school.

MyWay Mobile Storage Container Located in Silver Oaks Maryland | MyWay Mobile StorageBlack-Knight added, “Thank you MyWay Mobile Storage, for generously donating two storage boxes for Silver Oaks Cooperative School to use during our fundraiser. Together, parents, students and staff worked to collect clothing and small housewares, filling the two storage units to the max! We collected over 3000 pounds of donations which then went to a local thrift store and earned funds. These will go directly to supporting our school. Without these storage units we wouldn’t have had a place to store our collection and this donation drive would not have been possible. Thank you to MyWay for making this happen!”

Silver Oaks Cooperative School is a mostly outdoor, cooperative, nonprofit, private elementary school serving Prince George’s and Montgomery County. Silver Oaks is committed to strong academics, social-emotional learning, building a community of diverse thinkers, outdoor education, and finding joy in learning. We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore their world, embrace human differences, and learn to become independent thinkers and doers. Our families and community play a critical role in the children’s education.

About MyWay Mobile Storage

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