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MyWay Mobile Storage of Denver, Colorado

Do it yourself moving services in Denver

MyWay Mobile Storage gives you a direct moving quote and doesn’t try to sneak in hidden fees or fuel surcharges on you. With traditional moving companies you never get an exact quote, and we have heard many horror stories about hidden fees and unexpected delays. We don’t make you work around our schedule, because we will work around yours. Find out why after using our service our customers will never go back to renting a truck or another moving service.

Our Belief

It is our firm belief to be a strong builder of community, and give back what we can to make Denver, Colorado not only a great place to do business, but also a great place to live.

Selling your home? Mobile Storage can help.

MyWay Mobile Storage brings convenience to your door. Let’s take a look at how MyWay can save you time & stress!


  1. Call and schedule a delivery appointment with MyWay.
  2. Have a mobile storage container delivered to your door.
  3. Load containers at your own pace.
  4. Have containers picked up and put into our climate controlled storage facility.
  5. Whenever you want access to your containers, come visit us or have them delivered to your desired address.

The “Other Way”

  1. Find a friend to pick you up from your home.
  2. Have your friend drop you off at truck rental facility.
  3. Rent moving truck and spend 30 minutes filling out rental paperwork.
  4. Drive moving truck back home.
  5. Start loading belongings into the moving truck.
  6. Drive moving truck to the self storage facility.
  7. Unload your belongings into the self storage facility.
  8. Drive the moving truck back home to collect the extra belongings that couldn’t fit in the truck on the first trip.
  9. Drive back to the self storage facility.
  10. Unload your belongings in the self storage facility (and hope that was your last trip, remember you only rented the truck for 24 hours.)
  11. Fill up the moving truck at the gas station.
  12. Return the moving truck to rental facility.
  13. Have your friend drive you back home exhausted.

MyWay Mobile Storage of Denver

12601 East 33rd Ave. Suite 108
Aurora, CO 80011
(303) 576-9929


View or download Denver’s rental agreement here