Facelift for New International Night Market Near Empower Field

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, May 2, 2022 – Julio Mendoza is the artist behind the mural set to be completed by May 14th for the grand opening of the new market. For one man this is a large undertaking and one that MyWay Mobile Storage is happy to help with.

MyWay is providing an onsite storage solution for Julio so that he is able to keep all of his materials safe and organized without needing to pack up everything and bring it home with him when the day is over. Once complete, this mural will be the backdrop to highlight the diversity in the Sun Valley area and allow patrons of the market to feel right at home. This will also kick off a series of new updates coming to the area to help unite the community and highlight all that the Sun Valley area has to offer.

“It has been a tremendous help to be able to keep my materials close by the project. MyWay has made this project much easier with their onsite storage unit,” Julio said when asked about using a MyWay Safebox for this project. Connor Dolan, local market owner for MyWay said, “We are excited to support Julio and his mission to transform the viaduct into an international night market, and we look forward to seeing the ways it will positively impact the community.” Taking on a project as big as this, to revitalize a community, is a big one but with the help of those in the area it can become more easily accomplished. There is still work to be done and MyWay is looking forward to continue helping in the process.

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