Denver’s New Market Owners


Denver, CO. December 6, 2018.  MyWay Mobile Storage, the leading provider of moving and storage solutions, provides quick and easy do-it-yourself moving and portable storage to meet your needs at your location or in our climate-controlled, secure storage facilities.

Born and raised in the mountains of Grand County, local Coloradan Connor Dolan, looks to break the stereotypical millennial mold by striving for entrepreneurial success. Connor, a recent graduate of Colorado State University, looks to take the knowledge gained and apply it to the real world to chase after the American Dream. Newly married, he believes this move, although a financial risk, will help propel him and his wife to a long and happy life of community contribution as Coloradans.

In a time where student debt swallows the dreams of so many American youth, Dolan is taking the advice of his mentors that without risk there is no reward. When asked about the challenges of being a business owner he had this to say, “Growing up my life goal was to be a college baseball player. Being a kid in the mountains people thought I was crazy, but after playing a year in Nebraska and three at CSU I can look back and say the risk was worth the reward. I am applying that same mindset into business, and I believe this dream will also become a reality.” At the fresh age of 25 there is a bit of a chip on his shoulder from the outside community thinking of a young person as a business owner, luckily for Connor he is not in this alone.

Connor is just half of the new ownership of MyWay Mobile Storage of Denver. His partner and father-in-law, Larry Whitty, a Regis University alumnus, look to shake up the Colorado storage market. Larry, a well-established CEO and entrepreneur in Iowa is excited for this opportunity to help coach Connor through the challenges of business ownership, while having more of an excuse to come enjoy his time skiing and biking in the mountains.

Connor and Larry have many goals to grow the business, and that includes expanding their reach to northern Colorado. Currently, they are exploring all options of building a new warehouse or renting an existing space to better serve the northern communities. Along with the businesses, individuals, and families that make up these communities, the two also want to help the universities. The same great service that is available to students at the University of Colorado, Regis as well as the University of Denver, will soon be available to the students at Colorado State University and the University of Norther Colorado. Both are excited for the growth potential of the business and look forward to meeting and exceeding the goals they have in place.

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